Hotels- Your dependency on only room revenue might just disrupt you.

thought-catalog-Xeo_7HSwYsA-unsplashWe get it. You want to fill all of your rooms every night, all the time. It’s unrealistic but definitely the best case scenario. This adds to a higher dependency on the OTAs as they are the ones who are bringing the moolah after all. They have got the reach and they have got the guests hooked. The commission on every such sale have been steadily rising from 15% to 30% and even higher for smaller players.

You have also thought of direct booking channels through your own website which does not quite  compete with the real time analytics that OTAs have  mastered.

Is that all the problem that you see? Well, you are in for a surprise. Tech giants such as Google, who probably understand your guests data much better than anyone are slowly getting into travel space.

In last 10 years, worlds top 5 publicly traded firms have been toppled, disrupted by technology companies irrespective of industry.

We have got a situation here.

  • OTAs , tech giants have control over the data.
  • Your guest ( nearly 60%) love OTAs to do any booking.
  • You don’t even understand your guest much before they check in
  • There is not much you can do about it

Well, let’s work on things that are in your control. Good news is number of travellers are increasing and spend on additional services are on the rise. In fact, spend on a SPA, day tour, airport pick up and drop sometime might be even match your room revenue or will be a good portion of the revenue.

Ancillary bookings represent a significant opportunity for hotels to add revenue.

But to make it happen, it needs an overhaul in the existing process, people and partners. Hotel staff are trained through out to excel at providing a great service. Positioning additional services does not come naturally to them. General managers are busy perfecting the onsite process.

Except few on boarding mails, there is no technology usage to engage your guests, define their persona and position right product at right time even before they arrive. Upselling services before arrival needs guest engagement to be perfected. Guest engagement also needs to be seamless post check out as well to gain reviews, loyalty and spread word of mouth, referral business.

WishYogi champions the cause of guest engagement that can drive incremental revenue and deliver magical experiences for your guests. We are a new age technology firm committed to aid you with information to serve your guest better.

Talk to us at to understand how we can help you.


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