Essence of guest engagement

ambreen-hasan-346960-unsplashUntil the past couple of decades, Hotels have been known to be the epitome of hospitality in their approach towards engaging their guests. There was a time that guests used to come to hotels for a luxurious stay to experience its Italian marble, exquisite tapestry , comfortable beds and stunning bath ware. However, the new age customer dynamics have changed.  The Traveler expects much more today. Studies show that the millennials, while being tech savvy, want things to be designed the way they like it and want all aspects to be in sync with their personalities. Its no more about just crisp sheets and clean bathroom, the millennials or we may say the instagramers, facebookers   or twitter savvy, want an experience in all their travels. They seek uniqueness in every experience, one which allows them to upgrade their social (media) status.

Now the question is …How should Hotels match to this new genre of travelers??

With the advent of OTAs, hotels today have become just a service provider for accommodation. People have varied options for accommodation right from Air Bnbs, all the way to hiring RVs. What should the hotels do to revoke their lost glory?

Hotels are fortunate among all in the customer service industry to have maximum touch points with the customer, right from pre-arrival, arrival, stay, departure and post departure. Focusing on each of these stages of the customer journey will improve engagement. Lets see how…

Pre-booking, The stage between a customer making a booking until he reaches the hotel on his date of arrival is defined as the period of pre-booking. According to research this bears the largest lacunae in drawing connect with the customer, which we call the Silent zone. Guest makes a booking and his curiosity to reach and experience a destination is left untapped. As per a survey, 88%  travelers go through various sites for travel info, blogs, reviews to understand and prepare for their travel. Hotels should capitalize on this time and connect. Explain your customers about your property, areas around, seek his interests and capitalize by offering services that he may like. This would also allow you the time to prepare well in advance too. Our expertise in this area have shown  a conversion of 80% of guests being very happy when a hotel reaches out with right engagement model.

Guest Stay, proves to be the opportunity to increase his probability of return.  Hotels have to create various touch points to delight their customers and these are innumerable, from your receptions, to restaurants, through your interactions in the corridors, over calls etc. But most importantly, it is critical to tap their service experience more than anything. Seeking feedback and instant curing of the negative opinion, not only assists hotels in saving face in the social media but also ensure the they have set steps to seek customers loyalty.

Departure and post departure, needs to be the most memorable experience for the guest, u remember the phrase, “Last impression is the lasting one” but this is here where we bombard him with the multiple pager feedback form. A sweet and simple adieu allows the sense of peace and gratefulness in the guest and more so then often, he will give a review. Hotels need to harness subtle hints to seek positive reviews and these could be in the form of interactive simple questionnaires. Lets face it, customers hate being held in to write long feedbacks or mark out an array of questions, they need a freedom of thoughts. So an enabler in creating those thoughts is the way forward in seeking feedback.

So A highly engaged customer would buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty. But the question is would you be able to humanly engage all  your customers? Its more or less hypothetical and often, engagement’s strike ratio is only 10-15%. Its difficult to deploy a team to understand every customers personal need. This is where technology plays a role. Introduce customers to artificial intelligence, such that you may get all your information in time to serve your customer.

Get in touch with us- to seek complete solutions for your guests’ engagement for all stages of interaction.

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